Facade Waterproof Caulking Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Indiana Michigan Power Center high rise office building in Fort Wayne, IN

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Indiana Michigan Power Center Building in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Completed in 1982, the Indiana Michigan Power Center building is located in Fort Wayne, near Anderson and Indianapolis, IN. It proudly claims the title of the tallest reinforced precast concrete structure in the state.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Control Joint Caulking & Coating Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Confronted with substantial water leakage and facade deterioration, the building’s managers turned to Presto Restoration, Fort Wayne’s leading waterproofing contractor. The objective was clear – repair and seal all voids and unsound substrates to prevent further exterior water leakage and potential interior issues. Securing the coating contract, our experienced caulking and waterproofing company swiftly began the facade repairs in Fort Wayne, IN.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Waterproof Caulking and Silicone Sealant Services in Fort Wayne, Indiana

In Fort Wayne, IN, our skilled caulking experts used MasterSeal NP1, a high-performance polyurethane sealant known for its flexibility, adhesion, and durability. Moreover, this flexible sealant adeptly addresses gaps, cracks, voids, and irregularities in precast concrete surfaces. Additionally, serving as a durable patch for damaged areas, it establishes a waterproof and airtight seal in control joints. Furthermore, to bolster protection, we applied an elastomeric coating, ensuring comprehensive waterproofing and long-term durability.

To conclude the building’s waterproofing project in Fort Wayne, IN, Dow Corning 795 was applied. Playing a crucial role within the window systems, this silicone sealant ensures enduring waterproofing of the glass-to-metal caulking joints. Properly sealing caulking joints and connections is crucial for waterproofing windows, as they represent potential points of water infiltration. Neglecting to seal these areas can lead to water infiltration, underscoring the critical aspect of window waterproofing.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Facade’s Waterproofing Restored in Fort Wayne, Indiana

We waterproofed the entire exterior of the commercial office building, effectively resolving the water leakage issue. Subsequently, this active measure ensures protection from all external elements and provides lasting weatherproofing for the facade. Thanks to Presto Restoration’s waterproofing services in Fort Wayne, IN, the building will remain restored and preserved for decades to come.

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Indiana Michigan Power Center high rise office building in Fort Wayne, IN

Waterproofing the exterior of this landmark high rise in Fort Wayne, IN was no small feat


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