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Presto has been perfecting the art of building facade restoration and waterproofing services for over 25 years.

A building’s facade is the first thing people see when they arrive to meet you. We know it takes a lot to keep a building envelope looking and performing as-new. Fortunately, by bringing together master technicians, proprietary products, and incredible warranties, Presto offers a customized solution to meet the individual needs of each building facade restoration and waterproofing services challenge. Whether removing environmental damage from glass, metal, and stone or preserving leak-free joints 20 stories up, we take pride in ensuring the success of your facade restoration and waterproofing project.

Restoration and Protection for architectural glass, metal & stone surfaces

Stains, scratches, corrosion and other damage are too commonly found on otherwise impressive architecture. Exterior restoration will give new life to any building and protect your investment for the future.

Repair and prevent damages with reliable caulking, coating & sealant solutions

Waterproofing is one of the most important things you can do for your building. Water damage disintegrates the integrity of a structure and can lead to costly repairs.

Masonry and mortar repair & protection by high-level craftsmen

Some of the most highly regarded sights in the country are historic pieces of architecture. Preserving these structures requires an appreciation of art and a high level of craftsmanship.

Inspections, reports, and service & product specifications to guide project planning

When restoring and preserving a building’s exterior, the solution is more involved than simply cleaning the surface. At the core of each project is problem-solving.


No access point is too high, and no angle is too difficult. Consequently, the most challenging high-rise areas are where we flex our problem-solving skills.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge and a broad arsenal of equipment to tackle the toughest jobs. Importantly, safety is our number one priority. To achieve this, a unique combination of equipment is used to complete each commercial building facade restoration and waterproofing project.

Aerial Work Platforms

Our specialists are trained to use all types of aerial platforms: Articulating booms have many moveable sections to provide access to areas blocked by barriers or obstacles. Telescopic booms extend straight out and offer the greatest horizontal reach so we can work in areas with limited access points. Scissor lifts extend straight up and provide a smaller ground-level footprint.


Swing stages are suspended from beams and counterweights located on the roof of a buidling and hung by cables connected to stirrups on each end of a platform. This equipment plays a prominent role in high-rise restoration. Our technicians are trained to safely erect, operate, and dismantle swing stages as well as recognize and control hazards associated with suspended scaffolds.


When restoring and protecting multi-level buildings, there are times when the space setup prevents us from using a stage. Presto technicians are experienced in safely reaching difficult-to-access areas by using a Bosun or Boatswain’s Chair to suspend from a rope with clips and additional lines. This is similar to a rock climbing harness, but with a seatboard.


When rappelling, swing stages, or other lifts are not an option in hard-to-reach areas, Presto technicians employ a crane with a suspended personnel platform (a.k.a. crane cage, crane basket, construction basket). We often use cranes when working on a high-rise building with angled or unique rooflines.


Partnering with clients nationwide for over 25 years has taught us how you prefer to do business, and we strive to exceed these expectations every step of the way.


Our breadth and depth of experience means we efficiently finish projects on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality. We agree on the project scope up front so you’re not surprised with frustrating change orders.


Presto’s team of technicians can perform multiple building restoration & waterproofing services that would normally require several different contractors and a lot of coordination.


Presto’s own product line provides solutions for the maintenance, restoration & protection of all exterior facade surfaces, including glass, metal, and stone.


Centralized services also means synergistic warranties. Depending on your custom needs, you’ll get 5, 10, or 20-year warranties to protect your real estate investment.

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What building facade surface challenges are you facing? Let us help you find the right solution with a free assessment. Contact us today at 1-800-785-9927 or Request A Quote online.