Window Glass Restoration Services in Atlanta, Georgia

St. Regis luxury high-rise hotel in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: Window Glass Restoration Services for The St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Atlanta, GA, The St. Regis Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and 5-star service. Entrusting the preservation of its esteemed reputation, the management chose Presto Restoration for a comprehensive glass restoration and protection treatment.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Addressing Mineral-Induced Glass Stains in Atlanta

Prominent hard water stains and streaking affected the architectural glass surfaces of the building in Atlanta, GA. These stains were due to mineral leaching from nearby precast elements, a common cause of glass imperfections. Filled with minerals like calcium and magnesium, runoff from the precast surfaces significantly contributed to the stubborn formation of hard water stains and streaks, posing aesthetic challenges beyond mere clarity reduction.

THE SOLUTION: Building Window Glass Restoration & Protection Services in Atlanta, Georgia

To address this challenge in Atlanta, GA, the building required extensive glass restoration and protection treatment. The building restoration process involved removing accumulated hard water stains, streaks, and mineral deposits from the architectural glass window surfaces, restoring them to their original clarity. Our team of architectural surface restoration technicians in Atlanta, GA, used our Glass ReSurfacer System. Following the glass restoration process, a protective treatment, Glass Defender MD, was applied to shield the architectural glass against future mineral leaching and staining, ensuring an extended pristine appearance. To access challenging areas of the hotel, our team used advanced techniques such as rappelling from the roof and utilizing the hotel’s permanent swing stage system.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Revitalizing Atlanta’s Architectural Glass

Navigating challenging weather conditions in Atlanta, GA, our expert restoration team swiftly renewed the architectural glass, ensuring a spotless facade. The glass protective treatment will effectively prevent future damaging elements, preserving transparency over time. A personalized maintenance plan provided by Presto Restoration, eliminates the need for costly and repetitive glass restoration services.

CONTACT US: Glass Restoration, Protection, & Hard Water Stain Removal Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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St. Regis luxury high-rise hotel in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA

Glass restoration returns brilliance to exterior of luxury hotel in Atlanta, GA


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