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Stratacache glass and metal restoration in dayton ohio building and clouds

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The Stratacache Building in Dayton, Ohio

Situated on Main Street in downtown Dayton, Ohio, the Stratacache building stands as an upscale office structure. The building features prominent architectural glass and metal aluminum composite panels in its exterior design.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Glass, Aluminum Composite Panel & Window Frame Restoration Services in Dayton, Ohio

Our team of experts undertook the restoration of the exterior of this iconic high-rise commercial office building located in downtown Dayton, OH. Despite regular cleaning, the architectural glass, aluminum composite panels, and anodized aluminum window frame metal surfaces had weathered over time. This resulted in staining and oxidation across nearly every facet of the structure. The primary challenge revolved around formulating the most effective approach for restoring the aluminum composite metal panels. It was a meticulous process that demanded several days of experimentation to achieve optimal results.

THE SOLUTION: Glass & Metal Restoration & Protection Services in Dayton, Ohio

Our team identified the best approach to achieving a fine finish on the aluminum composite metal panels, anodized aluminum window frames, and architectural glass. We started with the application of EnviRestore MSR on the aluminum composite metal panels and anodized aluminum window frames. This specialized solution is designed to safely and efficiently eliminate stains caused by mineral deposits, rust, salts, efflorescence, and high mineral content tap or well water from metal surfaces. Simultaneously, temporary surface enhancement was installed to augment the metal’s appearance. To fortify the metal, we used a robust protective barrier, Metal Protector HD. This metal protection actively combats stains and corrosion, serving as a proactive measure to prevent future costly metal restoration needs.

The architectural glass underwent treatment with our Glass Resurfacer Stripper, an acid-based solution that expertly eliminates heavy mineral staining, ensuring the avoidance of future glass replacement. Some metal panels, particularly those under AC vents, posed an additional challenge. Our team meticulously removed, polished, and sealed these aluminum composite panels to guarantee a finish resilient to frequent condensation.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Renewed Aesthetic Appeal & Extended Durability in Dayton, Ohio

The exterior of the commercial office building, prominently featuring architectural glass, underwent a remarkable transformation through our extensive glass restoration service. Our meticulous process involved revitalizing the dark aluminum composite panels and restoring the anodized aluminum window frames. This not only created a striking contrast with the architectural glass but also enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Due to the building’s exterior being mostly glass, a complete glass restoration service made a drastic improvement on the building’s aesthetic. The refreshed dark metal panels contrasting with the glass looks great and will continue to for years to come.

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Stratacache glass and metal restoration in dayton ohio building and clouds

Dayton, Ohio office building gets metal and glass restoration services improving overall appearance


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