We understand the ins and outs of building facade restoration and waterproofing consulting. When restoring and preserving a building’s exterior, the solution is more involved than simply cleaning the surface. At the core of each project is problem-solving.

Our building facade restoration & waterproofing consulting team is acutely aware that every building has its own set of challenges. Consequently, a knowledgeable specialist is crucial to ensure the correct services are performed on specific surfaces. We have inspected countless buildings over the past 25 years, meaning we know how to diagnose a problem, develop the solution, perform the service, warranty the service, and maintain client connections to monitor long-lasting results.



At times, property owners, managers, or their consultants have established relationships with a different local service provider. However, that’s okay! We respect these existing partnerships. In such cases, Presto can still bring specialized building facade restoration & waterproofing consulting expertise and knowledge to the table, collaborating as an exterior building envelope consultant.

SERVICE-MINDED: Our extensive history as facade restoration and waterproofing service providers affords us the perspective required to ensure that the recommendations given are practical and achievable.

Product Specialists: In addition to a thorough understanding of all architectural building surfaces, Presto's building facade restoration and waterproofing services consultants have advanced knowledge of the chemicals required to restore and maintain these exterior surfaces, as well as how these products and surfaces interact. Moreover, Presto’s complete chemical product line is the first and only in the industry to include solutions for every architectural surface on a building’s exterior. Whether treating glass, metal, or various types of stone, Presto Restoration Products have outperformed other product lines worldwide.

This combined product and service expertise is why so many facade restoration and waterproofing consultants choose to include a Presto advisor on their team.

Site Assessments

We offer building facade restoration and waterproofing site inspections, resulting in a report with digital photos and an explanation of each problem area. However, while some inspectors may choose to use drones, we believe that this may overlook issues. Instead, we prefer to have our hands and eyes on each square foot of a building’s exterior.

Our team also works with other consultants to determine why a problem persists on a building after a former product or service application. In this process, we can identify the issue, pinpoint how it happened, and recommend a solution for repair.

Products & Testing

Presto will perform product tests in select areas to show the client results of a particular facade restoration or waterproofing solution. Additionally, we can work with other building consultants, engineers, and architects to determine the best combination of products and services for a specific situation on the building’s exterior building facade.

We can provide specifications and training for the  Presto Restoration Products  that are best suited for each exterior building facade issue. Furthermore, we are also happy to recommend alternative products to meet the client’s needs.


Based on inspections and/or testing applications, Presto can provide estimates to inform a larger building facade restoration and waterproofing services project budget. Additionally, we work with property managers and consultants in the contractor selection process. We can review contractor bids and advise on pricing, approach, thoroughness, and potential risk.

Request a consultation today by calling 1-800-785-9927 or filling out our Contact form online. We’re ready to help get you closer to recommending the perfect product and service solutions for your client’s building facade restoration and waterproofing needs.

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