Stone & Masonry Restoration Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bay Industries commercial office building in Green Bay, WI

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Bay Industries Headquarters Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Bay Industries headquarters, located in Green Bay, WI, near Milwaukee, WI, primarily features brick masonry construction, complemented by elements of limestone and precast concrete.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Stone & Masonry Restoration Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The brick masonry, alongside the limestone and precast stone elements of the building, displayed noticeable stains. This led the Presto Restoration team to embark on a thorough stone restoration and protection initiative for the facade. Specializing in masonry restoration in Milwaukee, WI, our team immersed itself in the intricate processes of repairing, cleaning, and preserving the various stone types essential to the facade’s aesthetic integrity.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Brick Masonry, Limestone, & Precast Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our Milwaukee, WI team of architectural surface restoration technicians thoroughly cleaned diverse stone surfaces on the facade.
These included limestone, brick masonry, and precast concrete, ensuring a comprehensive restoration. To achieve extensive coverage, the team utilized a boom lift for cleaning and restoring the facade. Additionally, they employed a specialized Bosun chair for rappelling in intricate areas, like the uniquely shaped entrance.

To eliminate any staining on the stone surfaces of the building facade in Milwaukee, WI, we utilized Stone Restore CB2 and Stone Restore HD—expertly formulated chemical cleaning solutions produced by our sister company, Presto Restoration Products. We strategically applied these solutions to eradicate organic growth, such as green or black algae and mold. As a result, this restored the appearance of the limestone, brick masonry, and precast stone elements on the building facade.

To fortify the building facade against future concerns, Leach Stop, a long-lasting sealer was applied. This stone protective treatment prevents future stains and defends against water penetration. It preserves the lifespan of the building’s brick masonry, limestone, and precast stone facade elements.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Restoration and Waterproofing of Stone Masonry on Building Facade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With the completion of our commercial building restoration and waterproofing services in Milwaukee, WI, the facade’s brick masonry, limestone, and precast elements have regained a pristine appearance. Adhering to Presto Restoration’s maintenance plan will ensure ongoing protection for the building facade. This approach avoids further restoration needs, preserving the facade’s appeal for years to come.

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Bay Industries commercial office building in Green Bay, WI

Masonry restoration & waterproofing services were completed on the Bay Industries headquarters in Green Bay, WI


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