Precast Stone Restoration Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ross Park Mall retail space in Pittsburg, PA

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Ross Park Mall Building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Constructed in 1986, the Ross Park Mall building stands as a prominent shopping destination in Pittsburgh, PA. It predominantly features precast stone elements.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Stone Restoration & Protection Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Presto Restoration responded to a call to address the exterior stone facade of this commercial building in Pittsburgh, PA, which had accumulated a significant amount of mold and mildew, leading to a weathered appearance. Over time, precast stone structures can deteriorate due to exposure to weather, pollutants, and environmental stresses. In the building facade restoration process, crucial steps were taken. This included cleaning, repairing cracks or chips, and applying protective coatings. These measures not only enhance the appearance but also improve the durability of the precast concrete.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Precast Stone Restoration & Building Chemical Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Prioritizing safety and efficiency, Presto’s precast cleaning, maintenance, and restoration technicians in Pittsburgh, PA implemented thorough measures. These measures aimed to safeguard pedestrian walkways and maintain uninterrupted traffic flow around the work areas throughout the project. Once precautions were in place, the precast stone restoration process commenced. It involved careful repair and renewal of the precast concrete elements to restore them to their original condition.

Utilizing a lift for accessibility, our team applied specialized building chemical cleaning services and our high performance products by Presto Restoration Products to the building facade in Pittsburgh, PA. Stone Restore CB2, a deep-penetrating, double-strength chlorine bleach enhanced with builders and surfactants, proved instrumental in combating oil stains and microorganisms. This blend facilitated easy removal of green or black algae and mold with water, revealing a stain-free surface on the stone facade of the building.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Precast Concrete Facade Restored in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our precast concrete facade restoration services in Pittsburgh, PA effectively addressed further deterioration of the facade. This safeguarded the integrity of the precast concrete. The stone restoration project unfolded seamlessly, without disrupting the property’s daily activities. This enhanced the visual appeal of the commercial building facade.

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Ross Park Mall retail space in Pittsburg, PA

Exterior stone restoration gives new life to Macy's storefront at a shopping mall in Pittsburgh, PA


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