1201 Eye Street

1201 Eye Street washington dc commercial office building entrance

The Building

One of Piedmont REIT’s premier properties in downtown Washington, DC is 1201 Eye Street, a multi-tenant office building constructed in 2001. Many organizations have chosen this as their headquarters, including the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), and the National Park Service.

The Challenge

Presto Restoration was contacted by Piedmont REIT because the condition of this building’s stone and window glass had deteriorated over the years from its exposure to the elements. This was affecting the building’s exterior aesthetic, and the owners needed a detailed and professional restoration contractor to bring back the curb appeal. Since the building is located in a high-traffic area of Washington, DC, special care was needed to protect nearby vehicles and pedestrians from product overspray.

The Solution

Presto technicians utilized swing stages and rappelling access methods to reach every area of the building. Prestos Restoration Products’ Stone Restore HD and Stone Restore CB2 were used to restoring the building’s stone surfaces. Once the stone restoration was complete, the building was sealed with a stone protection product, Aqua Trete SG, to help prevent future staining and deterioration from external elements.
Presto’s Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish product was used to remove severe window staining and restore the building’s glass to a like-new condition.

The Result

Presto’s restoration and protection of the building’s window glass and stone will prevent this highly visible property from future damage and deterioration. Piedmont REIT was grateful the project was completed before the upcoming winter weather, and investors were thankful for the property’s restored value.

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1201 Eye Street washington dc commercial office building entrance

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