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Stone facade restoration is crucial because stone, particularly concrete, is widely used in buildings across the globe.

Our technicians have earned trust by effectively addressing a wide range of stone surface issues through their extensive experience, broad knowledge, and proper techniques. Coupled with the right tools and equipment, Presto is renowned for its successful stone cleaning and sealing services, which are available to commercial buildings nationwide.

In addition to refinishing stone facade surfaces, we can help you with waterproofing services for commercial buildings and restoration services for historic buildings. We also offer complete building consultations


Without adequate protection, exterior building stone can sustain various types of damage, including staining, mold growth, and leaching efflorescence. These issues arise when water is allowed to penetrate the stone.


The absence of protection exposes stone surfaces to the adhesion of vehicle exhaust, tree sap, fluids from leaking vehicles, and various environmental contaminants. As a result, this accumulation of dust, dirt, and oils results in unsightly stains on both the building and walkways.


While there are various types of mold and mildew, none of them can thrive without the presence of moisture. By sealing exterior building facade stone, we effectively prevent water penetration, thereby eliminating the formation of green and black stains on the architectural surface.


Efflorescence, a white, chalky substance, appears on exterior facade stone when moisture within the stone is drawn to the surface and evaporates, leaving behind salt deposits. Consequently, these minerals can leach downward and stain nearby glass, metal, or other architectural materials. Therefore, protecting the masonry not only prevents future stone facade restoration but also safeguards other building surfaces.


When water penetrates the building facade stone, it initiates the erosion of the bond holding the masonry together. This damage becomes particularly pronounced during the winter months, as freezing and expansion weaken the manufactured stone’s strength. Consequently, the resulting cracks and material separation can incur significant repair costs.


When water penetrates beyond the building facade masonry and reaches the steel components responsible for the building’s structural integrity, rusting ensues. If left unaddressed and no stone facade restoration is completed, this problem can result in structural damage and additional staining.

Architectural Stone Materials




Whether you own one building or an entire portfolio of properties, we know that what's most important is ensuring your investment grows in value. Selecting the right stone facade restoration and protection methods will have a positive economic impact for years to come.

High-Performance Results

Chemical cleaning stands out as the most cost-effective and efficient method for eliminating severe stains from a building facade’s stone surfaces. Moreover, stone cleaning techniques can involve both high and low-pressure methods, tailored to the specific stone type. Consequently, Presto technicians meticulously choose the ideal combination of pressure and chemical cleaning technology to ensure the stone is effectively cleaned without any surface damage

Moreover, Presto’s technicians undergo comprehensive training in safety-compliant cleaning and stone facade restoration methods, prioritizing the safety of pedestrians and other elements on the property.

Long-Lasting Protection

A high-quality stone facade restoration isn’t truly complete until we’ve sealed the stone surfaces. Additionally, this step involves applying an invisible protective coating that prevents water penetration, erosion, and staining from mineral deposits, biological growth, and other environmental contaminants. As a result, the application of a clear water repellent ensures the most significant return on investment for your property’s stone cleaning or stone facade restoration services. With sealed stone, the need for frequent pressure washing is minimized, as any settled dirt or contaminants easily rinse away.

Presto’s products feature high-quality silicone and acrylic coatings meticulously designed to close the pores of the stone, delivering durable, long-lasting protection.

Exceptional Warranties

Presto offers a 10-year warranty on all stone facade sealant products. Furthermore, we ensure our clients are well-informed about proper maintenance practices to extend the life of these protective treatments. Our comprehensive recommendations provide guidance on how to correctly clean the stone without harming the protective coating. In addition, with diligent stone maintenance, the need for extensive stone facade restoration should become a thing of the past.

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