Threefoot Building

Masonry Repairs Threefoot Building Meridian Mississippi

The Building

The Threefoot Building is a historic office building in downtown Meridian, Mississippi. It was completed in 1929 and named after the Threefoot family that owned and operated a business in the area. It is a brick and stone building in the Art Deco style that has been transformed into a luxury hotel.

The Challenge

The overall condition of the building was a challenge for all involved. When restoring a building this old it can be hard to find replacement materials. We had to take extra care to save and reuse as much of the stone and brick as possible. We also had to work with other contractors to ensure that everything beneath the exterior was in good condition.

The Solution

Our historic preservation experts devised a plan that involved a complete exterior restoration. All the brick and stone was clean, sealed, and re-mortared as necessary. We also made sure all the windows openings were restored and ready for the new windows.

The Result

The exterior of this nearly 100-year-old building looks brand new and will be the perfect compliment to the completely renovated interior. If you’re ever in Meridian, swing by and take a look for yourself.

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Masonry Repairs Threefoot Building Meridian Mississippi

Historic building redevelopment project transforms run-down office building into luxury hotel in Meridian, Mississippi


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