Historic Building Facade Restoration and Preservation Services in Macon, Georgia

Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Mulberry Street United Methodist Church Building in Macon, Georgia

Founded in 1826, the Mulberry Street United Methodist Church building stands as a testament to history in downtown Macon, GA, near Atlanta, GA. Made entirely of stone, it features Gothic-style architecture and beautiful stained-glass windows.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Waterproofing & Stone Cleaning, Maintenance & Restoration Services in Macon, Georgia

Presto Restoration stepped in when the historic stone building was in need of restoration and waterproofing to safeguard the integrity of its façade in Macon, GA. The façade displayed stained stone surfaces. This added to the challenges caused by significant deterioration and water penetration resulting from the building’s age. In response, actions were taken to renew and preserve this historic architectural building.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Masonry Cleaning, Maintenance, & Restoration Services in Macon, Georgia

Our skilled historic preservation and building restoration team performed extensive masonry repair on the bell tower and chimney of the historic facade building in Macon, Georgia. Persistent water penetration over the years had led to significant deterioration, loosening many stones. Masonry structures, facing wear from weathering, moisture, and environmental factors, demand special attention. Our meticulous masonry repair services guarantee stability and safety of the facade.

Throughout this historic building restoration project in Macon, GA, our Presto team, specializing in masonry restoration and repair, went above and beyond. Every grout line and mortar joint on the building facade was carefully removed and replaced. Horizontal and elevated vertical stone surfaces underwent rejuvenation through our exclusive Stone Restore Series. Our restoration products effectively removed various stains, including challenging mineral-based stains like efflorescence and rust.

To guard against future biological staining and environmental contaminants, we applied the top-tier waterproof sealer, LeachStop, post-stone restoration. As a final step, our team carefully painted all window frames and louvers to achieve perfection. Utilizing a mix of access methods, from scaffolding to rappelling, we reached and restored even the most challenging areas of the historic building in Macon, GA, showing our commitment to comprehensive and high-quality stone restoration and protection services.

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Presto Restoration‘s meticulous masonry repair and stone restoration efforts have successfully renewed the historic structure in Macon, GA. Enhanced with cutting-edge stone protection and waterproofing, the facade will continue to look great for years.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Historic Building Restored & Preserved in Macon, Georgia

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Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia

Centuries old church in downtown Macon, GA is revitalized thanks to historic preservation services


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