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Historic building restoration in Nashville, Tennessee

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The Elliott School in Nashville, Tennessee

The Elliott School, a historic brick masonry building with stone facades dating back to the early 1900s, underwent a restoration. It’s a multi-story brick masonry school building in Nashville, TN, originally converted into residences, located just north of downtown. As time passed, the stone facades of this historic brick masonry building began to show signs of aging, displaying noticeable staining.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Historic Masonry Cleaning, Maintenance & Restoration Services in Nashville, Tennessee

Historic masonry brick buildings require periodic cleaning and restoration. Given the building’s age, we needed to handle the exterior stone surface with special care in Nashville, TN. Furthermore, the restoration and cleaning project faced additional challenges due to access issues and the presence of a large courtyard.

THE SOLUTION: Brick Masonry Stone Restoration Services in Nashville, Tennessee

Our building restoration experts focused on restoring the historic brick masonry stone building in Nashville, TN. To achieve this without disrupting the tenants’ daily lives, they used rappelling equipment to clean the stone exterior. Additionally, specialized equipment was employed to apply our Stone Restore CB2 cleaning solution to extremely hard-to-reach areas. Stone Restore CB2, a double-strength chlorine bleach containing builders and surfactants, effectively removed oil stains and microorganisms, such as green or black algae and mold. This allowed for easy removal using water, revealing a stain-free surface on the historic brick masonry facade.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Elevated Aesthetics in Nashville, Tennessee

Diligent work went into cleaning the historic stone facade of the brick masonry building. The historic brick masonry was successfully restored to its original, intended condition, perfectly complementing the newly renovated interior.

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Historic building restoration in Nashville, Tennessee

Stone restoration services refreshed exterior of historic schoolhouse in Nashville to match renovated interior


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