Best Maid Products

Cracked concrete joint prior to caulking services

The Building

Best Maid Products Factory in Forth Worth, Texas has been in operation for decades. Best Maid is a well renowned brand in Texas and they recently opened a Pickle Emporium also located in Fort Worth. 

The Challenge

Maintaining the concrete of a large parking area is vital to keeping it looking good and structurally sound. We were contacted to replace the deteriorating caulking in the parking surface and in the vertical control joints where the structure meets the factory. This is not a difficult task for us, we’ve been working on projects just like this for over 20 years. Our biggest challenge for this project was completing it in the timeframe our client requested while not disrupting their daily operations. 

The Solution

In order to meet the timeframe we were given and avoid disturbing the staff of Best Maid Products our team went to work after normal business hours and even worked on the weekend to finish everything. We couldn’t be more proud of their dedication to our clients.

The Result

The Best Maid Products factory is now protected from cracking and spalling. It will continue to look good for years.

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Cracked concrete joint prior to caulking services

Presto caulking services protect concrete at pickle factory in Fort Worth, Texas


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