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Commercial building restoration at One Riverfront Place in Newport, KY

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The One Riverfront Place Building in Cincinnati, Ohio

One Riverfront Place, a commercial office building in Newport, KY, near Cincinnati, OH, proudly showcases a unique facade. This distinctive exterior combines precast stone, metal, and architectural glass.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Window Glass, Stone, & Metal Restoration Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Years of improper maintenance took a toll on the building’s facade. The architectural glass windows, precast stone, and anodized aluminum window frame surfaces became stained and weathered. A comprehensive restoration and protection package were essential for this commercial office building in Cincinnati, OH.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Glass Stain Removal, Window Frame Restoration, and Precast Concrete Restoration & Preservation Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Our experienced glass restoration and protection technicians in Cincinnati, OH utilized the innovative Glass ReSurfacer System to address stained architectural glass windows. This advanced system efficiently eliminates stage 1 and 2 corrosion while effectively removing mineral deposit stains, ensuring a thorough restoration. We then applied a long-lasting protective coating, Glass Defender MD, that acts as a barrier against environmental elements, preventing water intrusion and minimizing the risk of staining in the future.

Attention then turned to the anodized aluminum window frames. Using EnviRestore MSR (Metal Stain Remover), we effectively eliminated stains and restored the frames to their original condition. To secure enduring protection against water and oxygen, mitigating corrosion risks and reducing the need for frequent and costly restoration, we applied Metal Protector MD.

The precast stone underwent a meticulous process, beginning with a chemical cleaning using Presto’s Stone Restore HD. This acid-based cleaner is highly effective, especially in tackling challenging mineral-based stains like efflorescence and rust. Following the cleaning, we applied Leach Stop, a mineral leaching mitigation treatment. This treatment establishes a protective silicone coating, strategically covering the entire building. This comprehensive approach ensures a clean, stain-resistant appearance that will endure for an extended period, showcasing our commitment to long-term preservation of the building facade in Cincinnati, OH.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Preservation Of Building Facade Through Glass, Metal, and Precast Stone Restoration & Protection Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Implementing a comprehensive strategy for glass, metal, and precast stone restoration and protection is crucial for preventing water intrusion in a high-rise commercial building facade. The application of protective coatings forms a seal, hindering water infiltration. Measures to minimize corrosion on metal components, particularly anodized aluminum window frames, reduce the risk of water intrusion. Addressing stains and corrosion promptly significantly contributes to preserving the building’s structural integrity. Following our Presto Restoration maintenance plan will further guarantee that the building facade in Cincinnati, OH stays on the right track, continuing to be effectively preserved and well-maintained over time.

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Commercial building restoration at One Riverfront Place in Newport, KY

Newport office complex's glass, metal and stone shine like new after a complete building restoration


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