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COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Darden Headquarters Building in Orlando, Florida

Located in Orlando, FL, the Darden Headquarters building features a facade constructed with architectural glass windows and precast stone elements.

THE BUILDING FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Precast Stone Cleaning, Glass Stain Removal, & Waterproof Caulking Services in Orlando, Florida

The office building in Orlando, FL, had water leaks. Additionally, there were stains on the precast stone and window glass of the facade. Holes in the control joint caulking and shrinkage and degradation of the caulking across the facade contributed to these issues.

We safeguarded the facade and avoided interfering with the solar panels during the restoration and waterproofing project in Orlando, FL.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Building Chemical Cleaning, Glass Window Restoration, & Control Joint Caulking Services in Orlando, Florida

To clean the precast concrete elements and effectively address stains on the facade, our precast restoration and preservation technicians in Orlando, FL, employed specialized building chemical cleaning solutions, including Stone Restore CB2 and Stone Restore HD. Upon completing the restoration phase, the precast stone facade received protection through the application of LeachStop, involving expert waterproofing, sealing, and fortifying its durability for long-lasting results.

The focus then shifted to restoring the stained windows on the building facade. Leveraging our cutting-edge glass restoration services in Orlando, FL, the crew utilized Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish, a vital component of the Glass ReSurfacer System, made by our sister company, Presto Restoration Products. Achieving stain-free results on the windows, Glass Defender MD was then applied to waterproof and shield the glass from future stains. 

To conclude the waterproofing of the building’s facade in Orlando, FL, the Presto team expertly provided control joint caulking services. They meticulously removed and replaced control joints on both the East and West end caps of the office building. This caulking service fortifies the building facade’s protection against water infiltration, ensuring a resilient and sealed exterior.

BUILDING FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Glass Restored & Expert Caulking Enhances Waterproofing of Precast Building in Orlando, Florida

The property managers of the building in Orlando, FL, were thrilled with the outcomes of our facade waterproofing, window glass, and precast stone restoration services. The stain-free exterior window glass surfaces reflected the sky like the day we installed them. Our meticulous caulking and precast protection made the building facade weatherproof and watertight. With proper maintenance, there will be no need for future building facade restoration projects.

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Glass and stone restoration services performed on the exterior of the Darden Headquarters in Orlando, FL


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