Waterproofing & Caulking Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Reynolds American High-Rise Building, Winston-Salem, NC

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Reynolds American Building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Situated in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, near Greensboro, NC, the Reynolds American is a historic 22-story office building, constructed in 1929. The facade is primarily made of precast stone.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Waterproofing & Caulking Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The caulking on the precast stone joints of the building in Winston-Salem, NC had experienced significant deterioration along the facade and required a thorough replacement effort. Simultaneously, the sealing around the window perimeters also required attention and replacement. The building’s distinctive features, like recessed windows and an angled roof, added complexity to the waterproofing task. These unique challenges tested the skills of our technicians tasked with the waterproofing restoration services.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Window Perimeter & Control Caulking Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The facade restoration in Winston-Salem, NC, involved detailed replacement of control joint caulking on precast elements. This strategic application ensures seamless and durable integration, enhancing the building’s structural integrity. In Winston-Salem, NC, our waterproofing specialists displayed exceptional attention to every precast joint detail. They used cutting-edge materials like Dow Corning 790, a silicone elastomeric sealant, for precise control joint caulking. This sealant not only addresses existing issues but also strengthens the structure against potential weather-related challenges.

The approach extended to meticulous sealing of the window perimeters for top-notch performance and weather resistance. Applied in the joint between the window frame and precast concrete, the sealant forms a barrier, preventing air, water, and other elements from infiltrating.

The team faced challenges accessing recessed windows, an angled roof, and corners on the building facade. To overcome these hurdles, we utilized rappelling techniques and employed a crane working around the clock for a week during roadway closures to complete the task.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Building Receives Waterproofing Restoration in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our meticulous control joint caulking replacement, comprehensive precast joint, and window perimeter sealing, along with cutting-edge waterproofing methods, demonstrate our commitment to long-lasting facade restoration and preservation. The applied sealant and caulking are crucial for maintaining the building envelope’s integrity, ensuring robust weather resistance, and contributing significantly to energy efficiency. With proper maintenance, the building in Winston-Salem, NC will remain watertight, preserving its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for decades.

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Reynolds American High-Rise Building, Winston-Salem, NC

Full caulking service performed on unique 1920s office building in Winston-Salem


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