Masonry Facade Waterproofing & Restoration Services in Newark, New Jersey

Exterior repairs at Henry Charles Place in Bergen, NJ

COMPLETED FACADE RESTORATION PROJECT: The Henry Charles Place Building in Newark, New Jersey

The Henry Charles Place building is a residential structure located in North Bergen, NJ, near Newark, NJ, constructed in 1988. The building facade is predominantly composed of masonry blocks and stucco.

THE FACADE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Masonry & Stucco Restoration & Waterproof Caulking Services in Newark, New Jersey

The property management contacted Presto Restoration for the need of extensive exterior surface restoration and waterproofing services in Newark, NJ. Visible cracks and imperfections in the stucco arose from exposure to elements such as weathering, temperature fluctuations, pollutants, or structural movement. These were noticeable on the building facade, necessitating careful repair. The formation of cracks on the facade allows water to penetrate the building envelope, impacting both the stucco and the underlying masonry structure. Moreover, the caulking around the window perimeters and doors was deteriorating.

THE FACADE SOLUTION: Masonry & Stucco Repair, Elastomeric Stucco Coating, & Caulking & Sealing Services in Newark, New Jersey

The masonry and stucco restoration project in Newark, NJ commenced with a meticulous repair phase. This phase focused on fixing cracks and patching the stucco exterior of the building facade. Subsequently, our team of commercial building exterior restoration experts in Newark, NJ concentrated on enhancing the building’s resilience. Expert exterior waterproofing services were employed to achieve this. This involved skillfully replacing control joint caulking and meticulously re-sealing the perimeters of windows and doors.

The meticulous application of control joint caulking played a crucial role in sealing joints on the building facade, strategically preventing water intrusion through intentional gaps and ensuring the thorough closure of openings to guard against any risks of water infiltration. To complete the sealing and waterproofing for the stucco, the Presto Restoration team in Newark, NJ applied two layers of elastomeric coating to the facade, establishing a robust waterproof barrier that safeguards not only the stucco facade surface but also shields the underlying masonry components from potential water damage.

FACADE RESTORATION SUCCESS: Waterproofing of Building Facade Achieved by Caulking and Masonry Stucco Repair & Protection Services in Newark, New Jersey

The building facade underwent transformative changes through our advanced waterproofing, caulking, and masonry stucco restoration services in Newark, NJ. The exterior of the building has not only undergone aesthetic improvements but also witnessed an enhancement in its structural integrity, now boasting a watertight barrier. Presto Restoration’s recommended maintenance plan ensures future preservation, minimizing the need for extensive building facade restoration projects.

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Exterior repairs at Henry Charles Place in Bergen, NJ

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