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A building’s metal surfaces, like window frames or aluminum panels, can develop the same unsightly stains as seen on glass and stone. Presto's metal facade restoration services tackle more than just stains.

Cleaning building metal in line with the manufacturer's recommendations typically only tackles surface-level dirt. If panels or frames have received inadequate maintenance, this method proves ineffective. To restore the original luster, metal restoration is the sole solution. If panels or frames have been poorly maintained, this method will not be effective. Only metal facade restoration services will bring back the original luster.

Presto technicians possess the trust of clients to address a wide array of metal surface issues, leveraging their extensive experience, broad knowledge, and proper technique. When coupled with the right tools and equipment, Presto has earned a reputation for successfully executing metal facade renewal services on commercial buildings throughout the country.

In addition to refinishing metal surfaces, we can help you with waterproofing services for commercial buildings and restoration services for historic buildings. We also offer complete building consultations


The exterior building metal faces direct exposure to environmental pollution, as well as various indirect contaminants. Window frames, in particular, often accumulate years of buildup because they do not always undergo the same regular maintenance schedule as windows.


People often use dishwashing liquid for improper window cleaning maintenance, squeegeeing it off the glass and pushing it down onto the metal window frames below. This mixture is then left to dry on the surface, forming a sticky residue that attracts environmental contaminants and leads to the buildup of unsightly soap scum.

hard water stains

Improper window cleaning, often involving high-mineral-content tap water and nearby sprinkler systems, can result in unsightly metal stains. However, by employing Presto products and techniques, the metal facade surface can be effectively restored, eliminating existing stains and preventing future ones.


Deteriorating precast, caulking, or coatings, along with failed UV-sensitive, water repellent performance treatments, tend to leach onto nearby metal surfaces, resulting in stubborn stains. One of the most noticeable stains occurs when contaminants leach from adjacent rusting metals.

product overspray

Failure to take proper care in protecting metal building components can lead to overspray from waterproofing and painting projects adhering to the metal surface. When contractors are subsequently tasked with removing the overspray, the situation can worsen, often resulting in scratched and damaged metal.


Metal, particularly anodized coatings, can corrode when subjected to extreme exposure to damaging elements. Instead of opting for the frequent and costly upkeep involved in painting over window frames, Presto’s metal facade restoration techniques can restore the anodized coating to its original luster, ultimately saving property owners money.

Architectural Metal Components


  • Galvanized aluminum

  • Anodized aluminum


  • Aluminum composite

  • ACM panel system

  • Alucobond (brand)


  • Anodized aluminum

  • Steel


  • Stainless/aluminum/ painted

  • Stair casings

  • Metal railings

  • Structural/ decorative


Whether you own a single building or an entire portfolio of properties, we understand that the paramount goal is to ensure your investment appreciates in value. Choosing the appropriate metal facade restoration and protection methods can yield a positive economic impact that lasts for years to come.

High-Performance Results

Restoring a metal facade without the proper expertise can be challenging, often resulting in damage to the sensitive surface. Many companies try to address metal staining problems by employing abrasive techniques that scratch the metal or harsh acid products that cause burns on both the metal and surrounding surfaces.

After more than a decade of extensive product research and development, Presto’s metal facade restoration  and resurfacing methods have demonstrated their effectiveness in removing stains and repairing metal damage without leaving any scratches or burns. Instead, the surface is restored to its original, distortion-free finish.

Long-Lasting Protection

Once the metal facade restoration services have been completed, we strongly advise the application of a protective coating to safeguard against future staining caused by mineral deposits and other environmental contaminants.

Presto products feature high-performance silicone and acrylic coatings meticulously engineered to establish durable, long-lasting protection on the metal surface. This treatment effectively shields the metal from water and oxygen, thereby mitigating future corrosion risks. Any stain-forming contaminants will settle on the polymeric coating rather than adhering to the metal surface, allowing for easy removal during routine cleaning maintenance.

Exceptional Warranties

Presto provides a 5-year warranty on all metal protection products, including clear, semi-gloss, invisible or high-performance pigmented coatings. We always make sure our clients are armed with the proper maintenance knowledge to extend the life of these protective treatments. Presto’s detailed recommendations will show how to correctly clean the metal without damaging the protective coating. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, there should be no need for extensive metal facade restoration services in the future.

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