Architectural windows are subjected to severe conditions, which can result in damage to the glass surface. This damage cannot be repaired with standard window cleaning procedures and requires glass restoration.


Minerals can leach onto adjacent windows from unsealed precast or poorly applied caulking, staining the glass and obstructing occupants’ view. Glass restoration can effectively remove these mineral stains, restoring the window to its original condition.

Improper window cleaning methods, such as using high mineral content tap water and dishwashing liquid, leave hard water stains and soap scum on building glass. Windows near sprinkler systems can also accumulate these stains over time. By utilizing Presto products and techniques, you can restore and maintain the glass, effectively removing stains and preventing future buildup.

Improper and abrasive glass restoration products, as well as the scrapers used during construction cleanup or paint and caulking removal efforts, can cause glass scratches. These scratches result in a cloudy appearance, making the windows look dirty from both the interior and exterior of the building. Presto employs techniques that can effectively repair fine or deep scratches, leaving the glass with a like-new appearance.


Extreme exposure to damaging elements can corrode the glass over time. To repair this damage, resurfacing the window is necessary, which involves removing the corrosion along with a very thin layer of glass to level the surface and prevent any optical distortion.


Concrete and mortar become challenging to remove once they have dried onto the glass. In the industry, it is common practice to use a stainless steel scraper blade and dishwashing liquid to remove concrete, but this can result in scratches on the glass surface. Presto’s Glass-Crete product offers a proprietary formulation containing phosphoric acid and acid-compatible polymers. This formulation effectively breaks down the calcium in the concrete while simultaneously lubricating the glass surface for easy removal.


Whether you own one building or an entire portfolio of properties, we know that what's most important is ensuring your investment grows in value. Selecting the right facade restoration and protection methods will have a positive economic impact for years to come.

High-Performance Results

Harsh and abrasive products can easily damage the highly polished surface of glass. Industry-standard techniques often involve using acids that can leave burns on both the glass and the surrounding architectural materials, resulting in a hazed appearance.

Presto’s products and techniques, on the other hand, ensure that glass is neither scratched nor burned. Instead, they provide a highly reflective and clear finish while completely removing stains and repairing any corrosion.

Before proceeding with a full facade restoration, it is essential to conduct tests with select products and techniques. Glass surfaces are delicate, and depending on the type of stain, some may require a different solution to achieve the desired result. Window test areas should be examined in direct sunlight and from various angles to confirm that the glass remains free from burns or scratches.

Long-Lasting Protection

After restoring the building’s windows, we strongly recommend applying a silicone protective treatment to prevent future damage and staining. This proactive measure can keep the maintained windows looking brand new for decades.

Glass sealers can also be applied to new construction buildings or replacement glass to preemptively protect them from ever needing restoration.

Presto’s protective treatments create a remarkably smooth surface, making it easy to clean any debris or dirt during routine maintenance.

Exceptional Warranties

Presto offers a product warranty of 5, 10, or 20 years, depending on the selected silicone coating. We are committed to ensuring our clients have the knowledge necessary to maximize the lifespan of these glass protection treatments. Our detailed recommendations provide guidance on how to clean the windows correctly without harming the protective sealer. Moreover, with proper maintenance, extensive facade restoration should not be necessary again.

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