University Tower Condominium

Condo Building Caulking Services

The Building

The University Tower Condominium is located near the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville, TN. The six story brick building has been used as student housing for decades. 

The Challenge

We were contacted by the managers of the building because of leaking windows. Upon our inspection we found that the leak was between the window frame and the building. We found additional leaks around the doors.

The Solution

We used caulking to seal the gaps between the window and door frames and the walls. This is a simple maintenance procedure that needs to be completed on all commercial buildings every 10-20 years depending on the caulking use, and environmental factors.

The Result

We completely sealed the building from pests, and water and air leaks. 

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Condo Building Caulking Services

University Towers Condominium receives commercial caulking services to stop air and water leaks


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