Downtown cincinnati office building stone and glass restoration

The Building

8451 is a nine story office building in downtown Cincinnati on the corner of 5th and Race with a stylish stone and glass exterior. The ground floor also houses several retail spaces.

The Challenge

The entire building was in need of sprucing up. Years of rain, snow, and humid summers left the exterior looking dingy. We also had to work around the pedestrian traffic that flowed through the shopping area of the ground floor.

The Solution

We used swing stages and our specially developed line of restoration and protection products to renew and protect the stone and glass surfaces on the exterior of the building.

The Result

The result was turning over a completely restored building to the client and seeing the look of satisfaction on their face. The building looks great and will continue to for years to come thanks to our restoration experts.

We are always looking for our next project. If your commercial building needs exterior restoration services, call us at 1-800-785-9927 or Request a Quote.

Downtown cincinnati office building stone and glass restoration

Stone and glass restoration services improve office building’s overall aesthetic


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