414 Eagle Rock Plaza

Caulking services protect concrete exterior and tenants of this office building in West Orange New Jersey

The Building

Skyline Plaza is a concrete office building that features an impressive amount of windows wrapping around the building and an integrated parking structure. It is a 60,000 square foot building that is 4 stories and was built in 1983. 

The Challenge

The building’s caulking was starting to go bad. This happens with all caulking eventually. It is especially important to replace the caulking in control joints before it completely dries out and can no longer expand or contract. There were some difficult areas to reach with the lift but by coordinating with the neighboring property, we were able to shoot the boom lift across the property line and reach the needed areas. 

The Solution

Before caulking is applied for any project the surfaces the caulking is being applied to must be thoroughly cleaned. Special tools are used to apply the caulking in a way that it bonds to all adjacent surfaces and forms a watertight seal. If any part of the process is done incorrectly or the wrong type of caulking is used it can lead to leaks. It is critical to your building to hire a professional for all caulking and waterproofing needs. 

The Result

This office building is now watertight and no longer at risk of forming cracks on its exterior walls. Our team of commercial caulking experts efficiently and safely completed this job in just two weeks much to the delight of our client. Having the caulking replaced on your commercial building should be considered regular maintenance and you should plan on hiring a contractor to perform the work that has a long track record of fast and effective service. 

We are always looking for our next project. If your commercial building needs waterproofing services, call us at 1-800-785-9927 or Request a Quote.

Caulking services protect concrete exterior and tenants of this office building in West Orange New Jersey

Caulking services extends the life of office building in West Orange, NJ


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