903 Meridian

The Building

The First Presbyterian Church of Meridian has been on the National Register of historic places since 1979. It was built in 1913 and has been one of the most interesting buildings in the community ever since. It features intricate stone construction with a bell tower and multiple peaks in the roof.

The Challenge

The main hurdles of the project were accessing the tower of the church which we overcame by using a boom lift. The other hurdle was the amount of time/energy needed to remove the old mortar. The old mortar was installed so that it overflowed the joint and covered some of the stonework. This is not the best looking way to mortar a joint. We used grinders and wire brushes to manually remove the old mortar.

The Solution

A full stone restoration was needed to return this building to its former beauty. In order to waterproof the building we re-pointed, caulked, cleaned and finally sealed the entire stone exterior. 

The Result

The high point of the project was turning over the newly re-pointed , cleaned, and sealed building so that the community could continue using the historic building for years to come. The restoration greatly improved the appearance of the building and will keep it protected from water damage for years. 

Masonry Restoration of the First Presbyterian Church of Meridian


Meridian, MS


First Presbyterian Church of Meridian

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