Exterior of Harvard building after Glass Restoration

The Building

A remarkably interesting, newly constructed building that has a mostly glass exterior located on the southern edge of the Harvard campus west of Boston.

The Challenge

The surface finish of the glass was damaged during construction leaving a brand-new building looking old and worn. Access to many of the windows was also difficult due to the shape of the building.

The Solution

We had to be incredibly careful when restoring the damaged glass. Without expertise, glass can become warped and distorted while removing deep scratches and welding slag. We also had to be creative when it came to reaching all the damaged windows due to the building’s unique shape and features.

The Result

We were able to return the windows to a like-new appearance leaving the owner of the building happy. The damaged windows negatively impacted the overall look of the new building and removing the damage vastly improved the building’s overall appearance.

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Exterior of Harvard building after Glass Restoration

Glass restoration services return windows to like-new after being damaged during construction


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