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Dewberry office building restoration front view

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The Dewberry Headquarters Building in Alexandria/Arlington, Virginia

The Dewberry Headquarters Building in Fairfax, Virginia, located just outside Alexandria and Arlington, VA, has endured nearly 40 years of harsh winters and humid summers. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, the predominantly architectural glass and precast concrete exterior was showing signs of aging. The building required exterior restoration and protection with caulking services.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Glass, Stone & Metal Restoration and Protection with Caulking Services in Alexandria/Arlington, Virginia

While our typical projects often involve addressing specific issues like stained windows or cracked caulking in control joints, this one presented a unique challenge. The demands were all-encompassing; every aspect of the building in Alexandria, Arlington, VA required meticulous attention. Stone, glass, metal, and caulking each demanded thorough restoration and protection.

THE SOLUTION: Glass, Stone & Metal Restoration and Protection with Caulking Services in Alexandria/Arlington, Virginia

Equipped with our comprehensive lineup of waterproofing and restoration products we began the project. We used scaffolding, swing stages, and rappelling equipment to access every aspect of the commercial office building’s facade, ensuring thorough attention to stone restoration, glass restoration, and metal restoration while implementing advanced sealing techniques for comprehensive structural enhancement.
Our process commenced with StoneRestore CB2, a potent double-strength chlorine bleach enhanced with builders and surfactants. This powerful solution combated oil stains and microorganisms such as green and black algae and mold.

To preserve the newly restored precast concrete surfaces for years to come, we applied LeachStop, a protective stone treatment. This formulation prevented mineral leaching onto adjacent glass and metal frames, preserving their appearance.

Shifting our focus to the anodized aluminum metal window frames of the precast concrete building, we utilized EnviRestore MSR, a reliable and safe stain remover. Following this step, we applied Metal Protector MD, a protective solution that created a barrier, safeguarding metal surfaces against the corrosive effects of water and oxygen. This proactive measure significantly reduced the need for frequent exterior restoration and protection with caulking services.

In our meticulous glass restoration process, we used Glass Resurfacer Stripper, an acid-based solution that effectively removed heavy mineral staining. Subsequently, we applied Glass Resurfacer Final Polish, renowned for its effectiveness in eliminating stage 1 and 2 corrosion, light surface scratches, oxidation, mineral deposits, efflorescence, and various imperfections. For enduring protection, we applied the finishing touch: Glass Defender MD, a high-performance invisible coating that not only shielded the glass from damaging elements but also prevented scratching for up to five years.

We replaced the aging caulking with Dow Corning 757 SMS, a top-tier ‘stain-resistant’ silicone caulking. This choice guaranteed a robust and long-lasting seal, fortifying the structural integrity of the building in Alexandria, Arlington, VA.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Elevated Aesthetics & Enhanced Structural Integrity in Alexandria/Arlington, Virginia

The results of the building’s restoration in Alexandria, Arlington, VA were truly remarkable. Our dedicated team spared no effort, working tirelessly, even on weekends, to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants. Safety remains our top priority, often necessitating schedule adjustments to minimize potential risks. The commitment of our Alexandria, Arlington, VA waterproofing and building restoration team played a pivotal role in this renovation. Metal, glass and precast stone restoration and protection all contributed to the enhancement of the building’s appearance and durability.

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Dewberry office building restoration front view

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