1st Source Center

Fort wayne office building waterproofing services

The Building

The 1st Source Center is a 10 story office building in downtown Fort Wayne. It is over 30 years old and is a staple of the Central Business District. The brick, glass, and metal building features a full service bank, one of the city’s top restaurants, and a 4 story parking structure. 

The Challenge

The entire building needed its caulking replaced in order to fully seal it from leaks. Our biggest challenge was being able to access every nook and corner. This was made even more difficult thanks to glass solariums and gabled lower roof lines. 

The Solution

We used swing stages and lifts to remove and replace the old, dried out caulking. We wet glazed the glass in all the window systems and caulked their perimeters. We also caulked all the metal to metal transitions and the brick to brick joints. 

The Result

We were able to waterproof the entire building, eliminating all leaks. By using our preferred caulking, we know this building will be leak free for years to come. 

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Fort wayne office building waterproofing services

Waterproofing services replaces expired caulking and fully reseals exterior of office building in Fort Wayne


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1st Source Bank

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