99 North Main

Apartment building needed waterproofing and concrete restoration services

The Building

99 N Main is an upscale apartment building in downtown Memphis, TN. This 25 story building was recently renovated but needed some help with water intrusion. 

The Challenge

The building’s envelope had multiple issues that needed to be addressed. The windows were leaking around their frames, the flashing was in bad shape, and there were cracks starting to appear on the balconies.

The Solution

We coordinated with building management to have all tenants clear their balconies so we could make repairs. The other hurdle was the removal of carpet on several balconies. After the carpet was removed, the crew discovered tar was used to fill in voids. The crew had to grind and chip out the tar and concrete to get down to the rebar to repair correctly. All the other repairs were standard procedure for us. 

The Result

When our team of experts were done, the entire exterior envelope of this build was completely sealed from water intrusion. Our commercial waterproofing services will stand up to the elements and keep this building safe from damage for years.

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Apartment building needed waterproofing and concrete restoration services

Commercial waterproofing services fix leaky widows and, roof flashing, and seal cracks in balconies of apartment building in Memphis, TN


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