Caulking & Wet Glazing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

MedStar Greensprings Wet-glazing services provided by Presto Restoration waterproofed commercial caulking services

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The MedStar Building in Baltimore, Maryland

Positioned on Baltimore’s north side, the MedStar Health Building is a distinguished commercial and medical structure with a striking architectural glass exterior envelope.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Waterproof Caulking & Wet Glazing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Our experienced team had a big task in Baltimore, Maryland: fixing a lot of caulking deterioration that was harming the building’s architecture and energy efficiency. Given its historical significance, a meticulous approach was necessary. We conducted a full assessment before starting the restoration.

THE SOLUTION: Waterproof Caulking & Silicone Wet Glazing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

We chose the highly effective glass-to-metal wet glazing caulking technique to establish a waterproof seal for the entire glass facade. Wet glazing, recognized for durability and economic efficiency, eliminates the need for glass panel removal, reducing time and tenant disruption.

Our restoration specialists employed Dow Corning Caulking, a renowned silicone sealant. This ensured a watertight seal that combats water intrusion, air leaks, and pests. This comprehensive facade waterproofing and architectural surface restoration guarantees long-term protection.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Elevated Aesthetics & Enhanced Structural Integrity in Baltimore, Maryland

In just one month, our team completely sealed the facade with glass-to-metal wet glaze caulking, revitalizing the building appearance and protecting it against water intrusion, pests, air leaks, and environmental factors. Consequently, our approach, which prominently features Dow Corning Caulking and silicone sealant expertise, highlights our commitment to quality and skill. Furthermore, the customer was thrilled as our team sealed the entire facade and revitalized the building appearance within a month. Specifically, our choice of caulking technique, products, and our silicone sealant expertise demonstrated our dedication to quality

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MedStar Greensprings Wet-glazing services provided by Presto Restoration waterproofed commercial caulking services

Wet glazing services fix deteriorating caulking & waterproofs building


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