Metal Panel Restoration & Waterproof Caulking Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Technicians on crane at Ruby Hicks Hall at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The Ruby Hicks Hall Building in Greenville, South Carolina

Located in Pendleton, SC, near Greenville, the Ruby Hicks Hall Building underwent a transformative renovation. To complete the renovation, the building required Metal Panel Restoration & Waterproof Caulking Services. The focus was on its exterior, notably its aluminum composite panels. Entrusted by campus management, Presto Restoration was chosen to enhance and protect this vital center for student support and administration.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Aluminum Composite Panel Restoration and Control Joint Caulking Services in Greenville, South Carolina

The aluminum composite panels on the facade in Greenville, SC displayed clear wear and tear due to extended exposure to environmental elements and deteriorating caulking. Our expertise was required for the essential exterior restoration phase of the commercial building project in Greenville, SC.

THE SOLUTION: Metal Panel Restoration, Silicone Caulking & Weatherproof Coating Services in Greenville, South Carolina

Our team of highly skilled architectural surface restoration technicians in Greenville, SC, utilized specialized lifts for optimal facade access to meticulously restore the aluminum composite panels back to their original state. The restoration process involved the use of a product from our sister company Presto Restoration Products. Specifically EnviRestore MSR and Metal Resurfacer. We formulate these products to effectively eliminate stains and oxidation from exterior metal panels.

To further protect the aluminum composite panels from harsh environmental elements, we applied Metal Protector HD, an innovative coating that enhances durability. Following this, our skilled commercial waterproofing technicians expertly applied DOW 795, a superior silicone sealant. We carefully applied this high-performance structural glazing sealant to the metal-to-metal control joints to ensure a flawless and enduring finish.

These comprehensive Metal Panel Restoration and waterproofing measures significantly improved the building’s aesthetic appeal in Greenville, SC. The services performed also provided a cost-effective alternative to replacing the metal panels or extensive exterior painting.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Building Facade Refinished to Like New Condition & Waterproofed Building Exterior in Greenville, South Carolina

This significant building renovation project, one of the campus’ primary restoration efforts in two decades, reaped the benefits of our waterproof caulking services in Greenville, SC. The facade now boasts a secure, watertight seal, protecting against rusting and extending the lifespan of its metal panel elements. The control joint caulking and sealing services not only reduced air leakage but also added increased energy efficiency. Opting for Presto Restoration in Greenville, SC ensures lasting protection for the aluminum composite panels and waterproofing, protecting them against future stains and deterioration.

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Technicians on crane at Ruby Hicks Hall at Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC

Metal restoration & waterproofing brings new luster to educational building in Pendleton, SC


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