Aluminum Window Frame Restoration & Caulking Services in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Texas Office Building Aluminum Window Frame Restoration

COMPLETED RESTORATION PROJECT: The Meadows Building in Dallas, Texas

The Meadows Building proudly stands as one of the earliest historical high-rises outside of downtown Dallas, Texas. Constructed in 1955, this remarkable building in Dallas, Texas, boasts a timeless blend of brick, stone, aluminum, and glass. Therefore earning its rightful place as a cherished landmark of Dallas, TX. However, it had begun to show its age, and leaks in the facade were occurring due to the failing waterproof caulking.

THE RESTORATION CHALLENGE: Aluminum Window Frame Restoration & Waterproof Caulking Services in Dallas, Texas

We began aluminum window frame restoration and caulking while interior renovations were underway within the hi-rise building in Dallas. Collaborating with various contractors, our mission was to restore the historic aluminum metal window frames and replace the glass-to-metal wet glaze caulking joints. We approached it with meticulous care. Restoring the commercial windows and refinishing the architectural materials. Lastly, waterproofing the exterior with high performance silicone caulking, and preserving the historic structure of the building in Dallas, TX.

THE SOLUTION: Metal Restoration, Caulking, & Sealing Services in Dallas, Texas

Our team of exterior waterproofing and architectural surface restoration technicians embarked on a mission to restore the tarnished aluminum metal window frames. Our specialized product, EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover, was perfect for this task. For the delicate work of repairing caulking and sealing in the glass to metal caulking joints, we turned to the industry-leading Dow Corning 795 silicone caulking. This high performance caulking is very durable and will last at least another 20+ years.

RESTORATION SUCCESS: Elevated Aesthetics & Enhanced Structural Integrity in Dallas, Texas

Diligent efforts were invested into restoring the aluminum metal frames of every commercial window, and it was well worth it. Now, the refinished aluminum metal window frames have restored the exterior facade to its intended condition. And to top it off, our services are backed by impressive warranties. The caulking services we performed prevents valuable air conditioning from escaping. Proper caulking increases the energy efficiency of the building, and prevents water from getting in. This protects the internal components of the building and preserving this iconic historic structure in Dallas, Texas, for many years to come.

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Dallas Texas Office Building Aluminum Window Frame Restoration

70-year-old building in Dallas, Texas gets commercial aluminum frame window restoration & caulking services to match renovations


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