111 W 5th

Office building in Dayton Ohio gets Waterproofing Services

The Building

The 111W building is an office building on the western edge of Dayton Ohio. It is a ten story building with office and retail spaces. The exterior is mostly windows with some metal flashing. Wet glazing is extremely important for a building with so many windows. 

The Challenge

The goal of the project was to replace the existing wet glazing and control joint caulking as well as remove and replace some of the existing vertical flashing. The main project hurdle was finding the flashing material to match the existing. 

The Solution

Wet glazing and control joint caulking are standard services that we have been providing commercial building owners and managers for decades. Replacing the flashing required us to reach out to a local metal shop. We commissioned the custom pieces and installed them. In most cases we would restore the existing metal flashing but in this case it was too damaged. 

The Result

Once we finished the caulking we got to the make or break part of the project. Everyone was relieved and pleased that our newly made metal pieces perfectly matched the existing flashing. The building was once again completely watertight.

We are always looking for our next project. If your commercial building needs exterior restoration services, call us at 1-800-785-9927 or Request a Quote.

Office building in Dayton Ohio gets Waterproofing Services

Window caulking services ensure office building is waterproof


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